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Dala Partner

The Deal

Gem has entered into a binding agreement with Global Gems International for an option to acquire a 88% ownership of Global Gems, and thereby attain 88% of a 45% interest in the Dala Project.

In exchange for the Option the Company has agreed to:

  • Pay an aggregate cash option fee of USD$1,000,000 and issue 30 million shares to the vendors (over 5 years period, first payment starting on or before year 3 anniversaries of TSX Venture approval )
  • Contribute an aggregate USD$13 million towards the exploration expenditures over a five year period.
  • The Company shall be entitled to a share of any revenues generated from saleable products.

Our Partner: Global Gems

  • Partnering with Global Gems provides a significant competitive advantage
  • Proven track record of success in Angola operated a series of highly successful alluvial mining operations between 1993 and 2002.
  • Sophisticated knowledge of all aspects of alluvial diamond mining.
  • Practical expertise with importing and transporting equipment and supplies into and within Angola.
  • Well established relationships with the state diamond mining company (ENDIAMA), as well as with government and local authorities.

Management: Global Gems


Resident in South Africa, 60 years of age, an experienced entrepreneur with high levels of personal credibility and integrity.  A proven track record of success in Angolan prospecting and mining operations as C.E.O for a number of companies for over a decade.  25 years of senior management consulting and hotel and property development in South Africa .  Currently Chairman of the Ditholo Wildlife Estate in South Africa and CEO of Global Gems International Ltd and director of various companies.

  • In depth personal knowledge of alluvial mining, logistics and security  of Lunda North and Lunda South in Angola.
  • Familiar with newest technological developments including processing and diamond recovery equipment.
  • Experienced at negotiating at ministerial and presidential  level.
  • Set up together with Endiama and the S.A. Diamond board the first successful open diamond tender system in South Africa and New York. Assisted with the marketing of Angolan mine production over a ten year period.
  • Co-founded and directed mining resource companies during  the most difficult period of Angola’s history ( War, logistics ).
  • Secured rights from Angolan government to expand river and alluvial mining to Kimberlite concessions – and raised the necessary finances.
  • Consultant to Liberian government re Kimberley Process.
  • Official delegate at the United Nations Interlaken conference in 2002.


Born in Angola. 54 years of age, and is resident in Angola and South Africa.  His knowledge of the Angolan political and socio-economic circumstances is unsurpassed.  Together with a Mining & Geology, as well as, a Business Management Degree, has 20 years of experience in exploration and mining in Angola.  Directly involved with several alluvial and kimberlite diamond projects in Lunda Province and Phosphate projects in Cabinda, many of which are now owned and operated by listed entities.


A resident in Kimberley, South Africa, Kevin has over 40 years of experience in diamond evaluation and buying and marketing.

  • Trained in diamond evaluation – colour grading, quality grading of rough and polished diamonds in Antwerp.
  • Extensive experience in diamond mining in the Kimberley area, Angola and offshore sea mining.
  • Evaluated diamonds on behalf of various Angolan mining companies including Endiama.
  • Evaluated diamond production including special stones for I.T.M. & A.M.B. in the Democratic Republic of Congo and for the Chinese government. in Liao Ning Province.


Piet is a South African resident with extensive experience in the public & private security sectors, with the emphasis on diamond security and personnel well-being.

  • Liaison with military and police command in Angola-identify equipment and personnel requirements.
  • Over a decade of Hands on experience mining fluvial and alluvial diamonds in Angola.  Overseeing river diversion projects, as well as, camp setup, logistic lines and security.
  • Successful property developer for over 12 years in South Africa.
  • At Interlaken UN Conference on the Kimberley process in Nov 2002 official delegate.

Global Gems Projects included:

Chimbongo Alluvial Project, Lunda Norte

5,000 to 7,000 carats/month at an average value of USD$350/carat.

Capex of USD$3 million paid back in 3 months.

Lua River Project, Lunda Sul

Mining with divers in the active river channel of the Tchicapa River.

2,000 carats/month with an average value of >USD$1,000/carat.

Lua Breakwater Project, Lunda Sul

5,000 carats/month at an average value of USD$970/carat.

The Lua Projects collectively generated ~USD$180 million in revenue prior to being sold.

The Plan

Global Gems to initiate bulk sampling of the best alluvial targets with the aim of generating cash flow within Year #1.

GEM to conduct exploration to prioritize alluvial targets and develop a plan for longer term kimberlite exploration.

Spectacular Results at the nearby Lulo Project

Located to the west of Dala, the Lulo Project provides an excellent example of the strategy to be implemented by GEM & Global Gems. Some facts about the Lulo Project:

  • Operated by Lucapa Diamond Company out of Perth, Australia (ASX-LOM).
  • Implemented a two-pronged strategy for creating shareholder value,
  • Establish positive cash flow from alluvial diamond mining.
  • Longer term focus on kimberlite exploration to generate the “big win”.
  • Alluvial diamond mining operations commenced in January 2015.
  • Lucapa has demonstrated the ability to consistently produce exceptional, high-value diamonds from its alluvial operation, including fancy coloured pinks & yellows.
  • More than USD$5.1 million generated from first three diamond sales in 2015.

Lucapa recently announced the recovery of a 90.32 carat D colour Type IIa diamond one of the rarest and highest value categories of diamond in nature.

In February 2016, Lucapa announced the recovery of an exceptional 404 carat Type IIa D-colour diamond. This gem, the biggest ever recovered in Angola, sold for US$16 million.

A total of 31 special diamonds (>10.8 cts) have been recovered from a high grade area since mining commenced in that area on August 10, 2015.

These results demonstrate the exceptionally high-value potential offered by alluvial diamond deposits in Angola.

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