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The Dala Project offers excellent potential for the immediate development of alluvial deposits and with systematic exploration, the discovery of diamondiferous kimberlites.

Located immediately south of the provincial capital Saurimo and just 25 km from the fourth largest diamond mine in the world, the Catoca Mine (produced 6.6 million carats worth US$594 million in 2013).

At 3,000 km2 it is the largest allowable size for a diamond concession under the Angolan Mining Code.

Offers over 100 km of exposure of two of the best diamond-bearing rivers in Angola – the Tchicapa & Luachimo.

Large, high-value diamonds currently being recovered in small-scale garimpeiro operations.


Airborne geophysical survey previously flown over the entire concession (15,000 line km).

Follow-up work included 102 ground magnetic survey grids over airborne anomalies.

29 compelling exploration targets identified from this work – 11 drill tested with 4 kimberlite pipes confirmed.

Work stopped in 2009 due to the Global Economic Crisis before the pipes were evaluated for diamond potential.

Angola Represents One Of The Most Compelling Diamond Exploration Areas In The World.

Gem International Diamond Mining Angola Investment Dala Map

Excellent geological credentials for hosting world-class deposits – best potential is in Lunda Provinces in the NE.

Only 40% of prospective areas have been explored using modern techniques.

Established diamond mining industry with world-class kimberlite deposits to be found, e.g. Catoca.

Extensive alluvial deposits in the rivers and river valleys offer exceptional potential, e.g. Lucapa Diamond Company has recently recovered a series of large high-value diamonds from its alluvial operation on the nearby Lulo Project, including a 90.32 carat Type IIA gem (one of the rarest and highest value form of diamond found in nature).

The Plan

Global Gems to initiate bulk sampling of the best alluvial targets with the aim of generating cash flow within Year #1.

GEM to conduct exploration to prioritize alluvial targets and develop a plan for longer term kimberlite exploration.

Angola: Quick Facts

Angola’s economy is one of the world’s fastest growing.

Angola is very rich in natural resources – The country is the 2nd largest oil and diamond producer in sub-Saharan Africa

Luanda is known as the ” Paris of Africa” – This title is apparently due to the city’s sophisticated culture and atmosphere.

Portuguese is the official language.

Angola gained independence in 1975 from Portugal.

Civil war lasted from independence (1975) to 2002.

Angola has a very young population – nearly 70% of the population in Angola is under the age of 24.

Life expectancy for both men and women is 54.59 years, according to the CIA Factbook (2012 est.).

The name of the country is derived from the Kimbundu word N’gola, meaning King – N’gola (King) Kiluange was the king of the Ndongo

Kingdom at the time of the Portuguese arrival in what is now Angola

Angola is twice the size of Texas and spans 481,354 square miles, making it the world’s 23rd largest country. It’s the seventh largest country in Africa.

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